The Bonderud Law Firm helps make things right for one couple.

The Yandells’ new attorney, Andrew Bonderud, said Christensen preyed upon sick people looking for hope.

“It sounded like he started off with good and pure intentions, but in the midst of their advocacy, they started abusing the trust of the clients and using people like the Yandells as guinea pigs to see what would happen. Let’s take this medical necessity idea and give it a run.”

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The Bonderud Law Firm advocates against censorship from Jacksonville Judge

“And that’s exactly what’s going on here. It’s alarming. It’s very, very alarming,” he said. “It’s perfectly analogous to the censorship that goes on in Cuba. It’s such a shame that I have to compare policy in Jacksonville, Florida, the shining city on a hill, to policies that have been used by an oppressive regime in Havana."

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The Bonderud Law Firm represents a woman who was wrongfully arrested...twice.

His client had never been to Clay County, where the two felonies at issue occurred, before she was extradited there from Louisiana in January and jailed for nearly one month, Bonderud writes. Yet, even after the first mistaken arrest should have been apparent, Chiasson was arrested again, when she appeared in court in May for a status hearing in that case, for another crime in which the “real perp” was suspected.

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