Andrew Bonderud interviewed by WJCT's First Coast Connect about current case.

From WJCT's website...

Activists with the group Photography Is Not a Crime, or PINAC, have filed a federal lawsuit against Jacksonville Chief Judge Mark Mahon after he issued an administrative order banning photography and videotaping outside the Duval County Courthouse. The group calls the ban unconstitutional. Mahon issued an order on July 1 that in part banned demonstrations or dissemination of materials on the courthouse grounds that “degrade or call into question the integrity of the court or any of its judges.”  The order also banned people from videotaping “all security features” of the courthouse, including any non-public entrance or exit. After public outcry, the judge eliminated the ban against protests that question the court’s integrity, but kept the video ban in place, citing security concerns. We speak with PINAC activist Tom Covenant and his attorney Andrew Bonderud about their decision to file the lawsuit.

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