The Bonderud Law Firm represents clients in all aspects of commercial and business litigation, at all times defending the clients’ interests and seeking to deliver value.

Purchase & Sale of Business

The Firm has represented buyers and sellers of small businesses in connection with claims of fraudulent concealment, fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of contract, breach of warranties, rescission, and other business torts.  As just one example, the Firm obtained a confidential six-figure settlement on behalf of the purchaser of an accounting practice, after the Firm’s client had discovered that the seller of the accounting practice had concealed numerous latent defects in connection with the sale of the business.  The Firm obtained this favorable result early in the litigation, resulting in the client being made whole, while keeping litigation expenses at a minimum.  In another case, the Firm represented a Tennessee client in the prosecution of a securities fraud claim, arising under SEC Rule 10b-5 (CFR 240.10b-5), after the client purchased a business and later discovered numerous latent and undisclosed defects with the business.  Because the transaction had been structured as a sale of stock, rather as a sale of company assets, the US District Court for the Western District of Tennessee had exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate the securities fraud claim, as well as supplemental jurisdiction to adjudicate the related claims arising under Tennessee law.  The Firm obtained a confidential six-figure settlement consisting of a cash payment and cancellation of debt.

Commercial Debt Collection & Eviction

The Firm represents clients against counter-parties who defaulted on payment obligations.  The Firm is experienced in commercial evictions, through issuance and service of writs of possession, and has successfully placed clients back in possession of their commercial properties as quickly as possible.  The Firm also assists clients with the post-judgment collection of debts.  Contact The Bonderud Law Firm today and learn how we can help you obtain favorable and fast results.

Shareholder Disputes

The Firm has represented clients in disputes with fellow shareholders, directors and officers of close corporations and family businesses.  The Firm vigorously prosecutes its clients’ claims and defenses, while always keeping an eye on the possibility of settlement.  Sometimes however, for a variety of reasons, settlement is not possible.  In these cases, The Bonderud Law Firm is prepared to take a case to trial.  Contact The Bonderud Law Firm today for a free consultation to discuss how we can develop a unique plan of action to serve your needs.

Breach of Contract

The Firm has represented countless clients on both sides of breach of contract disputes.  If you have questions about a breach of contract, or any other business dispute, contact The Bonderud Law Firm today.